Homeless of Nairobi

We are a home for the homeless people of Nairobi. We share their stories, we give shelter and we share love together with our online community.


Since August 2014, we have been going out on the streets and taking pictures of the homeless people of Nairobi and listening to their stories. We started up a Facebook page where we would post the stories and images in an attempt to create awareness about the plight of homeless people in Nairobi.
The video is one of Morris, a 15 year old boy who despite everything he has gone through still sees the value of opportunity. Morris now has 29 brothers in Homeless of Nairobi shelters.

Their stories were heartbreaking. We heard of kids being abused and fleeing to the streets, we heard of families being torn apart during post election violence and being left homeless overnight, we heard about disease, death and rapes on the streets. These were the real stories of the homeless.

And so we posted these stories and the response was fantastic. People wanted to help. And they did. We managed to start a feeding program which fed about 100 homeless people a day with bread and milk. We also managed to rent out a small house and take 30 boys off the streets and offer them shelter and food. With the help of the HON community, we managed to take most of these boys back to school.

We are now at the stage where we want to take more kids to school and build a facility of our own. Many homeless kids run away from the existing homeless shelters due to abuse or not being fed or some form of mistreatment. To avoid this, we’d like to create a homeless shelter of our own. Out of the 30 kids we’ve taken on board, only three have left and our approach has been working.

Therefore, we now want to take it a step forward and in an attempt to help more people, we want to build our own facility where we will offer psychological care, a rehabilitation program, education options, vocational training, healthcare and a reintegration system.

To do this, we need your help! You can send your donations to the bank account below:

 Nailab Limited – Homeless of Nairobi;
Account number 01109128990800 ;
Cooperative Bank of Kenya;
Branch: NBC ;
Branch Code: 11051

To donate via mpesa:
Go to ‘Lipa na Mpesa’
Select ‘Pay bill’
Enter business number 400200
Enter MCo-op Cash account number – 01109128990800
Enter the amount
Enter your M-PESA PIN
Confirm transaction
Receive SMS confirming the deposit is successful

*The charge for the transaction is Ksh 38.50

Also, here’s a crowdfunding campaign where you can as well donate:

Eventually, we’d like every city to have it’s own “Homeless of…” shelter. We have already inspired the folks in Dar es Salaam and Khartoum to create similar communities.

Thank you for reading. Please do help us where and if you can. Love and light.

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Contact us:
Email: ask@homelessofnairobi.com
Sham: 0712288224
Clifford: 0716481367
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/homelessofnairobi